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Update information on The MISSING


The MISSING Patch Update Information

February 27, 2019


We recently fixed some bugs on the PS4 and Xbox One versions that had already been fixed on the PC and Switch versions.

Update: ver1.01

Platform: PS4
Release Date: 2/22
Regions: All

Platform: Xbox One
Release Date: 2/27
Regions: All

PS4 and Xbox One fixes
-Subtitle off center bug
-Subtitle overlap bug
-Number cutoff bug on the result screen in the Korean language version
-Cell phone screen blackout bug when selecting Gallery, Music, Cheats, then quickly exiting
-Background bug when throwing a body part into a gear inside Matthew King Clock Tower
-Result screen contents not being added to messenger after clearing the game bug
-Bug where speeding through text messages in the Rabbit Bowl control room could cause bubbles to remain
-Bug where camera shows areas off screen when switching screens at Shel's Lake

Xbox One only fixes
-Bug where if you due within the dark part at the end of Franklin Rose Church / Graveyard, you won't be able to continue even after retrying
-Certain text message fixes

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