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Books And Other Traditional Media

Here, we'll introduce books and other traditional media content published by our creators.

Dear Ambivalence - The Mustachioed One, the Witches, and the Suspended Body 
Author: SWERY
Genre: Novel / Mystery

Scheduled for release in early 2022.

It was just another quiet, peaceful country town in the corner of England... All the policemen ever had to do is chase down runaway sheep -- until one day, murder struck. The victim was Elizabeth Cole, a 17 year old girl. Her body was found suspended upside down from an elm tree, the symbol of the town. Every last hair had been shaven off her body, and all of her internal organs had been removed. A witch hunt... A magic wand... A milk delivery truck... Neverending rumors... Sins that can't be washed away. After being transferred to the town from London, a detective named Emily teams up with a young local gentleman with a mustache named Poco in order to solve the case.

December, 2016 - In my study, with my beloved cat.

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