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I am Not a Cat (Working Title)
Author: SWERY
Genre: Novel / Mystery
Scheduled for publication in 2017.

Currently, we're working on a novel that we plan to publish commercially with a Japanese publisher. Once the details get cemented into place, we'll be sure to reveal them.

If you want to get the latest news, please follow the official SWERY twitter account.

Comments from the author:


Hello everyone, it's me, SWERY.

After celebrating my 20th anniversary as a game creator, I decided to try writing my first novel. During parts of the process, I felt like I could really make use of my production experience, but in other parts, it was completely unlike anything I'd experienced with games, so it was a true challenge filled with surprises and new discoveries.

I don't want to use the fact that this is my first time writing a novel as a crutch, though. though. Since I'm aiming for a commercial publication here, I'm going to make sure the end product is something I can be proud of, where I truly express what I originally set out to do, so I hope you're all excited!!

December, 2016 - In my study, with my beloved cat.